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Your social media game plan consists of the following: discover your audience, analyze their interests, pick a platform (or two). It’s essential to understand your audience’s social behavior before diving into one of the platforms listed below. Whether you want to expand your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or Pinterest, we have the knowledge to get your brand out there to be the best it can be.

Facebook definitely isn’t the newest kid on the block, but it’s still one of the best places on the internet to connect with friends, promote events, and interact with brands. With over 2 billion users from ages 18-65+, Facebook is an ideal platform for reaching a wide range of customers. But it takes more than just likes to increase consumer engagement and boost conversions. Our Facebook marketing team can help with that.
Twitter can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to chicken out. We can help you make sure your message stands out in the stream of tweets, likes, and comments. Through optimization of hashtags and retweets, we can make sure your content gets seen by everyone - from early birds to night owls and every bird in between.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and hashtags are worth even more. Instagram is the perfect place to use them, both to convey your brand’s story, and establish a unique persona. We will cultivate your Instagram feed with quality images, creative captions, and optimized hashtags that will have your audience double-tapping on every picture they see.
From receptionists to CEOs, all sorts of business professionals are on LinkedIn. Target your specific industry in a professional environment and connect with a relevant audience. We can maximize your industry presence by sharing relevant news and eye-catching ads that will keep your company at the top of mind.
Breathe new life into your social media marketing strategy by bringing your brand to Snapchat. What started as a platform for users to send time-limited chats and pictures has become a key marketing tool you can use to interact with consumers on a more personal level. We can help you get more exposure with everything from captivating ads to event filters.
Known as a crafter’s paradise, Pinterest is a platform that lends itself to DIY-ers and those looking for inspiration and ideas. Getting your product on this platform promises visibility by a niche audience that may find they want to learn more about what you’re offering.

“Social media is not just
a spoke on the wheel of
marketing. It’s becoming the
way entire bicycles are built.”

Ryan Lilly, author
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