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Quick photo and video ads lead to quick growth

Though Snapchat advertising is a relatively new development that hasn’t quite hit its full stride yet, this is actually a major benefit to early adopters of the platform’s marketing features. The photo-messaging app controls only 0.6% of the national advertising market—that means much less advertising competition and the same amount of active users, which totals almost 300 million each day.

From ten-second Top Snaps and long-form videos to sponsored lenses and geofilters, Snapchat content encompasses a wide array of exciting and interactive marketing techniques. Businesses that enter the early days of Snapchat advertising will be among the first and few to access these unique opportunities. With our experienced NJ digital marketing consultants at the helm, your company will navigate this transition with ease.

Video content

Snapchat was originally created as a short-form video and photo messaging app with content that automatically disappeared after just one view. Naturally, their Top Snap Only feature encompasses the ethos of the original Snapchat era: a ten-second time limit on either photo or video content, slotted amongst your friends’ stories. With the right content curation experts leading the charge, your Top Snap ads will appear seamlessly on the screens of your audience.

To add some variety to your Snapchat strategy, long-form video content is perfect for engagement-based and educational content. Show your customers all the ways they can use your new product, share behind-the-scenes content before a new launch, and offer up invaluable resources that enhance their lives—with ten minutes allotted to each long-form video, there are plenty of possibilities at the tips of your fingers.

Interactive sponsored content

On the scale of fun to functional, Snapchat thrives in its entertainment value. With an endless stream of silly selfies, funny videos, and goofy lenses sent from one smartphone to another, it’s the perfect platform to add some creativity to your usual marketing approach. Sponsored lenses and sponsored geofilters both offer users an exciting engagement opportunity. And if your sponsored lens is shareworthy, it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about your business.

While geofilters are location-specific, lenses can be used by anyone at any time—and that certainly appears to be the case. Nearly one-third of Snapchat users play around with lenses every day and there are almost a billion geofilters added to photos and videos daily. That’s a lot of users ready and excited to interact with your custom branded content. The only thing left is creating and launching your first filter!


of Snapchatters share new purchases to their story, and 45% tag or mention the brand in their posts.*

*Reported by Snapchat for business.
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