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Face the facts: Facebook is essential to your digital marketing strategy

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Facebook’s top-of-funnel marketing

Facebook is the cream of the crop when it comes to building an audience, brand awareness, and consumer trust. While it doesn’t always act as a direct sales funnel, it’s the perfect first step in communicating directly and openly with your community of customers. That’s because of Facebook’s myriad interactivity features, from Business Pages to Groups to polls and comment sections—there’s no shortage of business-to-consumer connectivity.

If you’ve been browsing NJ internet marketing firms to take over your Facebook marketing content, you’re already in the right place. From organic content to paid ads, we specialize in curating content that showcases your unique voice, brand identity, and value propositions, whatever those may be.

Organic content

There’s no better place to launch your Facebook marketing strategy than from your home base—your Business Page. After creating and optimizing your account with quality images, descriptions, and business information, your certified Facebook content expert can get to work launching organic social content directly on your page.

Announce a new contest, host an exclusive event, update your customers on the latest deals and discounts, or link out to evergreen content from your blog that directs readers right to your website—all this and more is available as you build your base and boost your brand awareness. To stand out in a sea of competitors, you’ll need to craft high-quality content that earns the attention of your target audience. That’s where content creation companies like ours step in.

Multimedia assets

Text-based content is great for earning quick clicks but visuals are where it’s at for views and overall engagement. On a platform built to support and reward audience interactions such as comments, likes, and other reactions, it’s well worth it to invest in visual assets as part of your social media strategy.

From interactive events, debates, or announcements over Facebook Live to pre-recorded videos that your customers can’t help but stop to watch, engaging content is a major marketing advantage. By creating visually appealing custom content, like images, carousels, and infographics, our digital content creators can help your business capture the attention of those scrolling past. With a thoughtful combination of mediums, determined and scheduled by our expert strategists, you can earn the interest and trust of every kind of Facebook user.


of Facebook users visit a local Business Page at least once a week.*

*Reported by Hootsuite
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