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LinkedIn marketing

If you’re not LinkedIn, you’re missing out

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Where B2B marketing thrives

For business-to-business communication, there’s truly no better platform than LinkedIn. Designed to help professionals build their network, it’s fully optimized to help you build your B2B business, too. Though not the most direct sales channel for most users, LinkedIn marketing services provide unlimited opportunities to connect with noteworthy individuals in your industry, forge trusted relationships among potential clients, and convey your authority within the space you occupy.

By writing and publishing long-form content that makes an impression on your target audience, you can sow the initial seeds of interest in your company. With follow-up content like thought leadership posts, targeted sponsored ads, and direct InMail messages, you can work your way toward sealing the deal—exactly as LinkedIn was intended! All you really need is a comprehensive approach to LinkedIn content creation, led by an expert team of strategists.

Thought leadership

With more than 770 million users and over 55 million businesses registered on LinkedIn, there’s a lot of competition for the top spot in your industry. And nowadays, everyone thinks they’re an expert in something or other. Showcase your true expertise by sharing your professional opinion on emerging trends or thought-provoking content that pushes the needle forward.

It’s simply not enough to repeat and regurgitate information. Unique content will draw in new connections and appeal to old ones, either boosting or solidifying your reputation as an industry leader. And by posting and sharing professional content across both your personal and business accounts, you’re combining an authoritative perspective with the kind of personable approachability that consumers want to see these days. Work with our NJ social media marketing team to start posting custom content that attracts the right audience.

Lead generation

Content isn’t just about what you post on your public business page. Well-crafted content extends behind closed doors to direct LinkedIn and InMail messaging, which is a cornerstone of effective LinkedIn lead generation. This professional network-building platform is perfect for targeting new B2B leads and growing not only your network but your client list, as well.

Effective lead generation content should solve the specific pain points of your target clients as you position yourself and your company in a place of expertise, authority, and even mentorship. More so about building trust and rapport than closing deals, lead generation is a slow burn best facilitated by LinkedIn’s unique functionality. With the help of a LinkedIn marketing agency, you can eventually turn each initial touchpoint into a lucrative business deal.


of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn ads.*

*Reported by Hootsuite
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