The following privacy policy is applicable to the Positive Expectations website and controls all data collection and usage; it is not applicable to any offline products or services. Our team is devoted to preserving your privacy and promises that the data you provide is handled with skill and care while abiding by related code of law. The Positive Expectations website is to be intentionally used by our current clients, prospective leads, and potential applicants. Private details of all users is gathered, utilized, and published as explained in this privacy policy.

Positive Expectations will not make a profit from or transfer your details to a non-affiliated firm. We may disseminate details in the case that the data does not have distinguishable information with associated firms for analytical purposes.

If questioned by law enforcement or directly ordered from a court of law or other government agency, Positive Expectations is expected to communicate all details requested. Additionally, Positive Expectations is expected to communicate details it believes obligatory to avoid responsibility or injury to our associated partners.

Positive Expectations is devoted to preserving the security and integrity of your private details. We withhold secure information with in-house technology that works to preserve your private details from unwarranted access, use, or disclosure. Private details you provide are housed on a secure system with password protected access.

A cookie is a small text file or a small amount of data that is created by our web server and sent to your browser. A cookie is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies store and track information about you. We use cookies to allow us to monitor how visitors use our site and to better understand the information that is important these users. Cookies are used throughout the Internet for various purposes. Data may be used by third parties (such as AdRoll) to target advertising on other sites based on your users’ online activity. Users can opt out of receiving targeted advertising by using a following opt out link, to the DAA or EDAA (Europe only).

Positive Expectations has the authority to modify these terms of service comprised within this privacy policy without prior communication to those it may affect. It remains the user’s responsibility to observe this policy for any modifications that may directly affect the user’s rights of privacy.