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The hottest new digital marketing opportunity

Just like its primary user group, TikTok is a relatively young platform and an even newer marketing channel. But also like the viral dancers, comedians, and influencers that frequent the app, it shouldn’t be underestimated as a valuable source of new customers and boosted revenue. With one billion active monthly users either posting or watching TikTok content, advertising on this platform opens the floodgates to a younger demographic with serious social influence.

For a TikTok marketing strategy worthy of going viral, you’ll want to partner with an NJ digital marketing company with its thumb on the pulse of what’s new and trendy. From dance challenges to influencer partnerships to user-generated content, TikTok marketing is a world of untapped potential just waiting for your high-quality content.

TikTok challenges

Branded hashtags and viral challenges have always been used as a means of user-generated advertising. In the new TikTok era, these marketing opportunities are even more interactive. By posting a TikTok challenge on your business page, you’re inviting other users—hopefully with large followings of their own—to duet your video or use your audio in a TikTok they post to their personal page.

Viral videos take on a life of their own, leaving you with a serious increase in brand awareness if curated correctly. With the help of TikTok marketing strategists, you can devise a TikTok challenge worth participating in. As a result, you’ll appeal to a new, young audience that appears to be at the forefront of all the latest internet trends.

Original videos

TikTok is all about creativity and innovation. Depending on your industry and audience, there’s no limit to what that can look like. Whether you’re participating in the latest dance challenge, sharing an informational perspective, or putting together a hilarious skit with your entire office, the only real restriction is the one-minute time limit.

Your go-to NJ ad agency with a knack for content creation services can brainstorm, schedule, produce, and publish share-worthy TikTok videos that capture your brand’s identity, appeal to your target audience, and peel back the curtain of professionalism to show a different side of your business. As TikTok explodes in popularity, there’s no time like the present to hire a digital marketing agency to lead your viral social media strategy.



TikTok was the second-biggest platform in terms of consumer spend, outranked only by Tinder.*

*Reported by Hootsuite
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