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The bidding game isn’t won with one, single strategy. Paid search is a tactic that uses consumer behavioral data and tracking metrics to make next step decisions with monetary spend. We’ve made it our mission to understand and adapt with platform changes and advances in technology, so that we can always keep your strategy fresh and relevant. Having a strong hold on where we are in the world with inbound marketing efforts allows our team to be industry leaders in strategic digital marketing.

  • Amazon marketing

    It is no secret that Amazon is taking over the world one industry at a time. In fact, it is currently the third largest company to generate revenue, with its fastest growing segment being advertising sales. That said, advertising on Amazon with pay-per-click strategies is the most efficient way to promote your products. Amazon users are unique in that they have a high intent to buy and the platform allows them to be hyper-targeted by product category or keyword. With Amazon advertising, you can capture the millions of clicks of Amazon users daily.

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  • Paid social

    Since social media is so accessible--whether it be on mobile or desktop--it is no surprise that a majority of your target audience is actively using at least one platform. Expedite your social media results with paid posts that allow you to deliver your message to your exact demographic at a lower cost. Paid social posts allow advertisers to take advantage of robust targeting, including the ability to target by demographics and interests, remarketing audiences, lookalike audiences, and more. Whether you are building a new campaign or complementing your other marketing efforts, capitalize on the most cost-effective form of advertising available.

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  • Google ads

    Google is used millions of times per minute by people looking for products and services. Out of those millions of searches, is your business being seen? Create effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns to put you directly in front of potential customers, whether it’s at the exact moment they search for your product or service—through search campaigns—or while they’re browsing another website or watching a video on YouTube, through display and video campaigns. No matter the business or vertical, we manage all aspects of Google Ads.

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  • Higher education

    With each institution facing increased competition, it’s imperative for higher education institutions to implement the latest tactics, strategies, and analysis if they want to drive the best results for their campaigns. Return on investment is simply defined in the higher education world: positive campaigns result in soaring enrollment numbers. Our paid search strategies can help.

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