Social media

Media relations & monitoring

Reputation is a word associated with both positive and negative connotation. Monitoring your brand’s name online is a major feat that includes replying to customers in a timely manner, whether it be graciously accepting praise or responding to a crisis. We know you can’t always be there, so that’s where we come in.

Daily check-ins
Engagement is an ongoing process that never quits. Keeping that in mind, we know that someone needs to be there to respond to comments, shout out those who mentioned your business on their pages, and get involved in the daily conversation. Although organic posts are crafted for your social pages, we need not forget what is happening online everyday.
Public relations strategies
Marketing and PR go hand-in-hand. Creating buzz around upcoming events, products, or services is just another option we offer our clients. Through press releases and community outreach, we are able to present exciting information to the public eye.

“You can’t buy a good
reputation; you must earn it.”

Harvey Mackay, Businessman
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