Social media

Community management

Monitoring community engagement is essential to putting out relevant content and connecting with your audience. Data and proper analysis allow us to dive deep into demographic, geographic, behavioral, and engagement information. Pro tip: there’s more to just posting on social media and expecting high results.

Influencer marketing
It’s all about the influencers. Whether you’re scrolling through your feed or staring at a print ad in a magazine, you most likely will find yourself looking straight into the eyes of an influencer. These are paid individuals who are promoting your product or service to their fan base. We have the capability to put you in touch with these people, who can show off your product to your preferred audience and generate more visibility around your brand.
Contests & giveaways
In an effort to make a community stronger, we recommend organizing and implementing contests and giveaways. What better way to generate engagement than giving your audience the opportunity to walk away with your product? Leave the organization, implementation, and execution to us - just tell us what we’re giving away!

“Businesses are making
$6.50 for every $1 spent
on influencer marketing.”

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