If your business is running a Google Adwords campaign, knowing and understanding what quality score means can be a game changer in how well your campaign does. In short, quality score is used to rank how relevant and useful a search engine believes a particular text ad to be. This relevancy is based on the types of keywords a person would use when searching for a specific product or service.

It’s important to pay attention to quality score because it affects:

  • Cost-per-click
  • Minimum bid estimates
  • Rank of ads on search results page

Higher quality scores generally result in lower cost-per-click for keywords and lower bid estimates for text ads. What this means is that if the keywords are ranked well, it will be cheaper and easier for your ads to appear in a better position, say, on the first page or the top position of the search engine results. This is great news for ads with higher quality scores, but what about those that are falling short? Is there anything you can do to improve the score?

Like other Google tools, determining what factors quality score uses to rank keywords isn’t precisely known. What we do know is that the following components are taken into consideration:

  • Keyword click through rate (CTR) history
  • Quality of the landing page
  • Relevance of text ad
  • Relevance of keywords

Not every component pulls the same amount of weight. For example, keyword quality is more influential than the quality of the landing page. Still, Google recently announced that landing pages would play a larger role in determining quality score, so you never know just how these factors will be weighted. Here are some other things to take into consideration:

Keywords – Keywords are assessed for relevance based on their historical performance, click through rate and how likely they are to be used by those searching for similar products and services.

Text Ads – In addition to bidding on keywords, you should also include a primary keyword in the copy of the text. This gives more effectiveness to the ad.

Landing Pages – Landing pages should contain the type of information a user would expect to see when clicking on the ad. Specific information is better than general content.

Since there is no exact formula used to determine quality score, the best approach is to build a PPC campaign that is strong in all areas. Including a geographic location or relevant offer are also effective ways to build a better ranking text ad, just make sure they are closely related to each other.