My internship experience with Semgeeks was definitely unique. With Covid-19 my internship ended up having to be remote, which was not ideal, but everyone at Semgeeks made it an amazing experience regardless. I am extremely thankful that I was able to work remotely as some of my peers were not so lucky and had their internships canceled. What makes Semgeeks unique is their fun but professional work environment. From day one I felt extremely welcomed and was always excited to see what each day brought. 

While at Semgeeks, I worked as part of the Content team with Aimee and Christina. Before my internship, I really was not sure what I wanted to do with the marketing degree I will be receiving in May; however, after meeting with all the different service teams like PPC, account management, design, etc. I was able to learn what direction I wanted to go with my future career path – and that is with content and social media management. 

Through working with Aimee and Christina, I was able to learn an abundance of things that will help me in my future career in digital marketing. For example, I now have experience with platforms like MailChimp and Sprout Social. I also now know how to create a content calendar and utilize Facebook for Business and Facebook Ads. Throughout my internship, I was able to utilize all of my writing skills, writing blog posts, press releases, and email newsletters. I was also able to learn more about SEO by going back into previous blog articles in WordPress and further optimize them to rank better organically within search engines. 

One thing that really stood out to me while doing my internship was that I was able to become Google Analytics Certified. This certification is extremely important when working in digital marketing since data analytics is crucial to all aspects of the field. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain this certification as it will be extremely valuable for my future. Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that I got to sit in on some meetings with clients. This made me truly feel like a part of the team. It also allowed me to gain a better understanding of how every department of the agency comes together to work with one client. 

My favorite part of my internship with Semgeeks was the intern project. It allowed me to take everything I learned over the course of my internship and apply it to one project. I was assigned the company Kool-Aid and I had to create a digital strategy for them starting with unique target audiences to social media post creation, and so on. I really loved this because I was able to not only showcase all of the skills I have learned but to also showcase my creativity. 

While I was not able to go into the office, I was able to meet everyone through different video chat meetings. Everyone at Semgeeks is so welcoming and willing to help interns learn which was really a testament to the people that work there. I wish I was able to be in the office to develop better relationships with the various service teams, but I am grateful for technology which allowed me to still connect with each person. Overall, my experience at Semgeeks was truly amazing! I am so grateful I was able to have the opportunity to intern with such a great company and will take the skills I have learned with me wherever the future takes me!