Amazon is perhaps the biggest sales platform on the Internet today, having quickly overtaken personal stores on websites and other online shopping locations. Anything from makeup and fashion products, to technology and groceries can be delivered to customers’ doorsteps within a few days. Amazon is an eCommerce giant that will be around for a long time, so it’s important for brands to learn how to use the platform to their best advantage. It can be a competitive playing field, but if you can wrap your head around these different types of advertising campaigns and optimize them for your brand, you should be able to stand your ground in the Amazon search listings. 

Keyword Search

Developing a keyword strategy for Amazon is a similar process to traditional SEO efforts. Do some research to discover which keywords your target audience is searching for, and select which words you would like to run for. Incorporate those keywords into the product listing, title, description, and tags. You can also include your keywords in the description of your seller account.  

Automatic Campaigns

Automatic Campaigns do not require much work on the part of the seller; in fact, if you are new to Amazon marketing it is a great tool for beginners. With Automatic Campaigns, all you need to do is select a budget, then Amazon does the rest of the work. They will find (and bid on) keywords for you based on your product category, products’ descriptions, and related products.

Promotion Deals and Coupons

Like traditional stores that offer promotions and coupons, offering a deal to your potential customers is an incentive to purchase your item. Amazon allows sellers to offer coupons for percent discounts, as well as specific monetary value discounts. Consumers who already plan to purchase your product will be especially encouraged by these types of discounts, and prospective customers will be more inclined to convert. 

Lightning Deals

Amazon’s infamous lightning deals are limited-time offers that only last for a few hours. The products offered in a lightning deal are usually heavily discounted. The promotion is largely a way for brands to boost their sales numbers quickly. While lightning deals are good for some sellers, it is not the best choice for everyone. If you are already performing well on your own, lightning deals are not necessary; however, if you are lacking in sales and you need the extra help, a lightning deal might be worth it so you can put the product in front of more potential customers. 

Ultimately, the goal with Amazon marketing is to win the buy box or get your listing to the top spot in Amazon search results. Price, reviews, and all of the above marketing campaigns can have significant influence on the ranking of your listing, so it is important to factor Amazon into your marketing budget.