Sales and marketing professionals in the B2B realm are constantly looking for ways to increase their website’s lead generation capabilities. In fact, 83% of B2B marketers engage in content marketing to achieve their lead generation goals.

Football season is finally upon us! After COVID-19 took us by storm early in 2020, a lot of doubt was cast upon the world, across many sectors. The sports world was no exception, with the cancellation of several sports, along with a delay to many others. But as we have all powered through these past few months, it became clear football was one sport that was going to do everything in its power to be there come September.

PPC Vs. Fantasy Football

With that being said, these last few weeks have been spent diving in and dissecting all things fantasy football for many of us. So with that, it got our PPC team thinking, there are quite a few similarities between the world of Google Ads and drafting Saquon Barkley. It all starts from the early stages, where preparation is key. If you want to have an effective digital marketing campaign or winning fantasy team, you’re going to need to do some work up front before campaigns or drafts truly begin.

PPC and Football are Both a Process – Results Don’t Appear Overnight.

From there, taking things in tiers is needed. A successful PPC campaign does not have to have all components go live together on day one, as there will always be learnings and testing. Both sides of this coin always offer you options, whether it’s selecting from a group of quarterbacks to lead your team or deciding what campaign type to run on LinkedIn.

Management is Essential for PPC + Fantasy Football

Lastly, management is absolutely essential. Campaigns and fantasy teams alike simply will not perform to their capabilities if left alone after launching or drafting. Be sure to give them both plenty of love and attention for the best results!