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Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
When you first open Snapchat, what do you see? The camera. Snapchat thinks of itself as a camera first. In its first-ever TV ad that aired during the Final Four, Snap positioned itself as a relevant and purposeful camera. The commercial portrayed its role in how people share their lives with...
Robert Wheat
Senior PPC Strategist
Would you say that your PPC campaigns are effective, or do they seem to fall apart? I’ll admit, building successful paid ad campaigns is not something that can be done in my sleep. It takes research, careful planning, and a watchful eye as the campaign rolls out. But, if you’re not incredibly...
Christina Diecidue
Senior Content Strategist
Would you consider yourself a good listener? If so, you know it’s not exactly easy. You have to pay attention to what the other person is saying, show that you’re listening with nods and smiles, and offer thoughtful feedback. In a nutshell, listening takes a lot of...work. However, not all types of...