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Jennifer Barker
Inbound Marketing Strategist
Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Online Presence Your social presence isn’t static. It’s alive. Think of it as a garden. If you wanted to grow a vegetable garden, you would start by planting the right seeds and watching it grow. It would require nurturing; you couldn’t just leave it be. If you...
Alison Milone
Higher EDU Expert
The Rise of Pinterest as a Higher Ed Marketing Tool By now you’re probably somewhat familiar with Pinterest. If you’re a female over the age of 18, you’re probably very familiar with it. Heck, even if you’re a male, you may have checked out the ropes. Though Pinterest is heavily dominated by...
Chris Delany
Marketing Guru
Our Guide to ECommerce and Marketing for Black Friday Of course it's not! In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for your brand to make some money - and lots of it if you play your cards right. Last year on Black Friday, American consumers spent $2.4 billion online. This...

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