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Jennifer Barker
Inbound Marketing Strategist
One of the main reasons why marketing changes so frequently is because of rapid advances in technology. Marketing has a direct relationship with technology, so as one changes, so does the other. You may not realize how much digital marketing changes on a month-to-month basis, but if you look back...
Chris Delany
Many business owners fail to realize the importance of social media. For many without the experience, social media is just another supplemental tool to get the word out there, but they don't believe it has any real power in generating customers or purchases. In reality, social media is an excellent...
Andrew Robinson
EDU Strategist
How colleges are using social media to make admissions decisions Colleges and universities from coast to coast are using a new tool for recruiting students: social media. It may sound strange to think that colleges would even care about how many friends a person has or what their interests may be...

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