Turning clicks into customers

Information-grabbing landing pages are an absolute must when developing an effective marketing strategy.

At SEMGeeks, we design landing pages that communicate your company’s product/service offerings and entice visitors to take action. Whether it be requesting more information, downloading a whitepaper, a free demo, or an email list sign-up, we employ engaging calls-to-action for name acquisition. We not only bring searches to your website from our advertisements; we also capture lead data through online forms. The value in a successfully structured landing pages is in the ability to capture pertinent information from potential customers.

These are our suggestions for successful landing pages:
  • Be clear & concise with your message
  • Communicate your competitive edge
  • Utilize relevant visuals
  • Employ a call-to-action
  • Use a brief online form to capture lead data
  • Make your logo/brand known
  • Thank the visitor

So How Does it Work?

Potential customers click on our ads and are directed to a designated landing page particular to the keywords they searched. Calls-to-action on our landing pages entice those searchers to fill out lead forms with relevant information. We track completed lead form submissions and the keywords and ads in our campaigns that they came in from to optimize for best performance; converting clicks into customers.

The best thing about our landing page expertise?

Our pay per click managers split test landing pages developed for our customers so that we can monitor the performance and decide which page is more effective for your business.

PPC ads aren’t enough. You need a structured landing page to gain further access to potential customers and that’s exactly where we come in.

SEMGeeks Marketing Knowledge Center

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