Key Software Systems


Key Software Systems is a company that provides courier management software to a variety of clients in the delivery business. Their technology offers features like route optimization, scheduling, and other helpful tools that help streamline operations and drive and attract new business. Their products speak a lot for themselves, but the company wanted to drive more traffic to the site and attract more customers.


  • Technology/SaaS


  • SEO
  • Social


Our SEO team took on the task of improving Key Software Systems’ search ranking. They researched carefully-chosen keywords and targeted those keywords to drive more traffic to Key Software Systems’ website. We provide the company with informative blogs, using keywords and link-building strategies to organically build up the company’s search engine ranking. 

Rather than using social media to drive sales, our social media team developed a strategy that would establish Key Software Systems as a thought leader within the industry. The monthly social media calendars we develop are filled with industry-relevant news updates, allowing followers to stay up to date in the supply chain/warehousing industry. Across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we maintain accounts for hundreds of followers.

Crafting a strategy to improve search ranks and social engagement


The Impact

Improved search engine traffic and social media engagement has earned Key Software Systems a consistent and reliable following across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The content we post is relevant to the company’s following, encouraging them to stick around for valuable information. Key Software Systems is now known as a leader in the industry.