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Email proves to be the most effective direct marketing

How many times do you check your email a day? If you are like us, the easier question to answer would be when are you not checking your email during the day? That said, it is no surprise that email is one of the most direct forms of marketing.

In fact, with email marketing services, you will be able to create deeper relationships with a larger audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Whether it is a single email blast or a full email automation campaign, our email experts will speed up your sales cycle and save you valuable time.

Workflow strategy

All strong marketing campaigns are led by strong strategies. Defining business goals, collaborating on newfound initiatives and developing a strategy that fits your business is essential. Know the difference between sending a one-off mail as opposed to recurring workflows. Understand why sending a follow-up two days after the initial email is ideal. Learning and understanding these best practices are guaranteed to transform your ideas into tangible results.

Content creation

We combine visual design with technical details to create email marketing templates that will cater to your strategy, while still maintaining your brand’s established look and feel. In addition to design, our team also provides email copywriting services for all types of emails, from newsletters to promotions. We will do research on your target audience so that we can deliver email copy that gets your email opened.

Delivery & execution

Whether you’re interested in sending a single email blast or forming custom workflows and automations based on your consumers’ behaviors, we have the ability to craft the content and churn out results. Don’t go without automated abandoned cart emails or post-purchase surveys. Each industry requires optimal attention to customer behavior that can be captured by smart, robust emails.

Custom audits

Admit it - there’s always something you can do better. Auditing your email marketing programs is extremely telling to what can be done to increase your engagement and open rates. Whether it’s changing a subject line, sending emails later in the day, or swapping out CTA copy, we provide actionable advice that you’ll be able to implement before your next campaign goes out.

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