The Exhibit Company


The Exhibit Company creates out-of-the-box, dynamic displays for trade show booths, store displays, and other company events. They have more than 50 years of practical creative experience, building original, efficient, and interactive booths for all kinds of brands. In such a niche industry, it’s important to be visible and available to potential customers, but The Exhibit Company was not active on social media and had a limited online presence. They signed on for help that would draw in more leads and establish them as a better-known brand across the country.


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  • SEO
  • Social


To better establish The Exhibit Company online, it was important to improve their Google ranking and make them more visible to search engine users. Through a strategic mix of on-page optimization, content creation, and link acquisitions, our SEO team was able to do just that. They carefully selected keywords to target based on relevance to the company, potential for ranking improvement, and natural appearance, and increased The Exhibit Company’s authority in major search engines. 

To get The Exhibit Company started, our social media team developed monthly social post calendars that included a healthy mix of show promotions, office pictures and behind the scene shots, and other links and graphics that would be relevant to their potential customers. Careful selection of hashtags and frequent interaction with other accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn were all crucial parts of growing The Exhibit Company’s social media presence. To give them an extra boost, we used paid social posts to show their content to new, interested audiences and grew their following even further.

Incorporating innate creativity into an original design


The Impact

Our team’s work completely transformed The Exhibit Company’s marketing tactics, taking them from inactive social media accounts to a bigger digital presence. New followers and eyes on their content provided more potential leads for the company, and they were able to visually promote the beautiful work done by their own creative team who builds their displays.