Winning on Amazon With Sponsored Ads

Advertise On the World’s Largest Online Marketplace

With $107 billion dollars in net sales, why aren’t you receiving your fairshare? Because you’re getting lost in the crowd.

In order to stand out on Amazon, you must increase sales. Amazon measures your success by revenue per search. You want to focus on improving conversion rates rather than user engagement.

Price also has a strong influence over conversion rates and unit sales. If you’re not winning the buy box at 90%, you’re going to run into issues selling product. Setting the right price is a major component to defeating your competition. The right price will help Amazon view you as competitive and determine where your product appears in the customer’s search results.

With the winning combination of the right pricing and the right stream of sales, you can win the buy box, lower ACoS, and rocket to the top of the listings.

We Will Create and Run Your Product Campaigns

We create targeted campaigns based on keywords that are proven to generate ROI and lower ACoS. We weed out lower performing keywords and promote long tailed high performing keywords. We also add negative keywords to discourage irrelevant searchers.

Then, we will report back to you on the monthly spend, revenue, ACoS, and high converting key terms. In the future, SEMGeeks will help you create & launch more campaigns to expand your product listings.

Build a Trusted Brand with
Customized Listings

Our talented development and design team will creatively optimize your listing.

While Amazon shoppers are mainly price shoppers, they can spot a shady or lackluster product a mile away. Buyers want a listing that screams branded & trustworthy. We can help optimize your listing with new imagery & language that will drive a message to consumers.

Get Access to a Team of
Amazon Experts

Ranking in Amazon isn’t the same as ranking in Google. Think of Amazon as Google with a built in store. Since Amazon can attribute real revenue data to advertisements, they use that data. Sales are one of the key components to ranking organically in Amazon. Therefore, when we run sponsored ads that generate sales, your products begin ranking for those keyterms. You’ll be boosting your organic ranks while earning revenue.