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PPC: From Click to Conversion

Pay-per-click (PPC) isn't just about bidding for top search placements. Factors such as landing pages, data mining, lead tracking, market research and analytics all come into play when developing an effective PPC campaign; Start improving your sales now.

SEO: Grow Business Organically

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about much more than title tags and meta descriptions. SEMGeeks has a thorough understanding of what all the search engines want to see. Start getting noticed.

Analytics: Big Data = Big Results

Using Google Analytics enables you to base your crucial decisions on key performance indicators (KPIs) rather than anecdotal evidence or gut instinct. At the same time, you manage your budget more effectively. Stat putting your data to use.

SEMGeeks Marketing Knowledge Center

Pete Schauer
Digital Strategy Manager
Are your feelings hurt because students keep leaving your website? Nothing is more frustrating than making the investment in a great website, effectively marketing it and not seeing the engagement you had hoped for. If you use Google Analytics, or any analytics program for that matter, you can...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
We have two questions for you. First, does your business use digital marketing? Great! Next, does your business follow a strategic approach? Why not? Many businesses are in the exact same boat as you. They take advantage of digital marketing strategies and see results from them. But they don’t...
Jennifer Barker
Inbound Marketing Strategist
A lot of advice online tells you to split test pretty much everything that you can. Leaps of faith aren’t effective anymore, and they can cause you to exhaust your resources without seeing any return on your investment. By collecting the right information based on real-time user feedback, you can...