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Ocean Casino Resort


Ocean Casino Resort, the premier luxury hotel and entertainment destination located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, presented us with an exciting challenge: enhancing demand generation by crafting a brand-infused content strategy to maximize engagement, capture valuable consumer data, and elevate SEO rankings. In addition to these objectives, we incorporated a social influencer strategy to amplify our content strategy further.


  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Social


  • Hospitality


We understood that Ocean Casino Resort needed a transformative approach to stand out in a highly competitive market. Our team embarked on a journey to create an empowering content strategy that would resonate with audiences and reinforce the resort’s unique offerings. 

Immersive Brand Storytelling:

To capture the essence of Ocean Casino Resort, we delved deep into its products, culture, and the awe-inspiring beauty of its surroundings. We crafted captivating narratives highlighting the resort’s commitment to luxury, entertainment, community, and unparalleled customer experiences. By weaving together vivid descriptions, engaging visuals, and emotive language, we created immersive brand stories that infused search rankings and evoked a sense of excitement and anticipation for website visitors.

Influence & Amplify:

By strategically partnering with NJ MOM, a prominent media influencer, our innovative initiative seamlessly integrated our content demand strategy, granting participants a thrilling chance to win an exclusive “Ladies Night Out” prize package. This collaboration perfectly aligned with Ocean’s objectives, effectively accentuating the brand’s essence and leaving a lasting impact on website visitors. Furthermore, our sweepstakes and content were strategically amplified through a native ads strategy, targeting users based on geo-located travel behavior on top of layered personas, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

SEO Link-Building Strategy:

To boost Ocean Casino Resort’s online visibility, we implemented an effective link-building strategy. Our team secured high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites and industry sources through targeted outreach. These backlinks improved search engine rankings, drove referral traffic, and expanded our content’s reach. With a strategic link-building approach, we enhanced the resort’s online presence, attracting a broader audience to discover its offerings.


The implementation of our empowering content strategy brought about remarkable results for Ocean Casino Resort:

  • Increased Demand Generation: The resort experienced a substantial boost in demand, with a significant rise in online engagement, bookings, and footfall.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Onsite engagement levels soared as visitors actively participated in the interactive content we curated. This led to a higher level of satisfaction and social media shares.
  • Valuable Consumer Data: The personalized approach allowed the resort to collect valuable data on guest preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and fostering long-term loyalty.
  • SEO Success: Ocean Casino Resort witnessed a significant improvement in SEO rankings, leading to increased organic traffic and improved online visibility.

The Impact

Through our empowering content strategy, we not only helped Ocean Casino Resort overcome their challenge but also positioned them as a premier destination for luxury, entertainment, and unforgettable experiences. By creating a brand story that resonated with their audience, fostering engaging onsite interactions, and optimizing their online presence, we successfully elevated their demand generation efforts and set them on a path toward sustained growth and success.

“We love Semgeeks at Ocean Casino Resort! They have helped to give Ocean’s blog a unique voice and they truly understand our brand. The team is extremely collaborative and all around just really great people. Thank you guys!”