Leading Edge Aviation Solutions


Leading Edge Aviation sells and purchases luxury private jets to high-end clientele. Though they were already well-respected in their industry, they needed brand representation and a digital presence that would help them stand apart from their competitors. An updated brand identity and a refreshed website was much needed as we helped them prepare for a new debut at the National Business Aviation Association trade show.


  • Finance


  • Creative
  • PPC
  • Web development


Creative/Web development
To start their side of the project, our web design team created an updated logo, minimalistic but clean and professional. They developed large-scale branded collateral and other materials for the NBAA trade show event, including flags, posters, and a pitch deck, as well as printed materials like branded folders, brochures, magazine ads, and letterhead design. The same redesign carried over to the website, which tells a visually-driven story with photos and videos that show off the best of the company’s jet selection. The site is kept up-to-date by our development team to ensure that it is performing well and functioning properly.

To promote Leading Edge Aviation’s presence at the NBAA trade show, our PPC team designed campaigns across various social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. The ads targeted other professionals in the industry and the high-end clientele that Leading Edge Aviation often caters to. The campaigns drove more users to their website and increased the company’s overall web presence. 

Driving paid traffic to a fresh new site


  • Increased web presence and converted users on the website
  • 9,569 clicks on the PPC campaign
  • $0.26 CPC

The Impact

The professional, clean, dynamic brand that now defines Leading Edge Aviation is strongly represented in the industry, trusted and respected by both clientele and competition. Purchasing and selling their luxury planes has become that much easier with an improved web presence and successful ad campaigns.