Shaman Oils


Shaman Oils is a leading direct-to-consumer producer of essential oils. Over the years, they’ve grown to become one of the top global importers and producers of aromatherapeutics. With the long-term goal of establishing their business as an industry leader, they wanted to increase brand awareness and credibility around the Shaman Oils name. Instead of a traditional digital media strategy, our team determined that the best way to boost their image was by partnering with influencers in the health and wellness space. We launched a campaign that leveraged press coverage, bloggers, and micro-influencers to position Shaman Oils as a trusted, recognizable brand. The online attention elevated Shaman’s brand status, as evidenced by increased referral traffic, impressions, engagements, and impact.


  • Health & Wellness


  • Social



In preparation for the campaign, Semgeeks conducted extensive market research to identify the top social media influencers and bloggers within the health and wellness vertical. The campaign utilized several research and vetting tactics, including Help A Reporter Out (HARO) submissions, influencer media list development, and targeted outreach. 

We successfully secured five free press placements and five micro-influencer partnerships. The coverage consisted of gift guides and dedicated product reviews, while the social media marketing took form as Instagram feed posts with the product link in bio, interactive stories with a swipe-up to buy feature, and associated blog posts. 

This quality coverage and these influencer campaigns created buzz around the Shaman Oils brand and amplified product credibility.


  • Direct Referral Traffic 38 combined visits directly from influencer and blogger posts, with the average user looking at more than two pages and spending over 30 seconds on the website.
  • Grand Total Impressions 115,230, based on the press sites’ unique monthly visitors and the influencers’ followings.
  • Grand Total Engagements 4,363, excluding story views, which far exceeded this base number.
  • Grand Total Impacts 119,593

The Impact

With the help of Semgeeks’ expert strategists and marketers, the Shaman Oils brand was elevated through a series of influencer posts and press coverage—all of which increased brand recognition and product credibility. Along with newly established relationships and new customers, Shaman Oils has a fresh set of assets and partners they can leverage throughout their journey.