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"All I can say is Wow!  This is absolutely gorgeous.  I think it is incredibly visually appealing and very very polished.  I like it a lot, I really do feel engaged and drawn in to purchase the app. I am really excited about this, amazing work and thank you!!"

Nancy Mancini - CardioSurprise!

"Really fantastic job guys! The site looks awesome. Thanks for all the effort this past week to get it done. Our CEO loves the site. He said, “BMC Remedy is a very successful ITSM. It’s model might help envision future DCIM. But your microsite appears to be more modern than Remedy home site already! This is exciting."

Herman Chan - VP Product Management - Raritan Americas, Inc.

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Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Animated GIFs have mesmerized people for quite some time. At first glance, GIFs would appear to be the opposite of good web content. They have no audio, low picture quality, and play endlessly. But, GIFs have become wildly popular, to the point that they show up just about everywhere: on social...
Tayllor Gomez-Spillane
Senior SEO Strategist
Somewhere along the way, SEO has become more about users than technicalities. If you ask Google how to do SEO, it will tell you to pay attention to the user by creating relevant, engaging content. Understandably, marketers have been satisfied with this response. For once, it meant we could create...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
Although Twitter received a little less love this past year, it remains one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, and 79 percent of those users come from outside the United States. Each day, there are over 500 million tweets, with 82...

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