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  • Thursday, June 13th (9am to 4pm)

  • Monmouth University's Pollak Theatre

Monmouth University


Monmouth University came to us with the goal of increasing attendance and awareness for graduate info sessions and programs. They also wanted to highlight their theater program by promoting shows and other events to increase ticket sales.


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The web team also set to work on Monmouth’s website, building out landing pages for different programs that the university wanted to highlight. A portfolio for different graduate programs was set up to give the program directors a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes here. With these custom landing pages and a collection of HTML5 ads for Grad Info Sessions, Monmouth was able to generate more leads.

To increase reach, we decided to spotlight Monmouth University on a variety of platforms, giving them an omnichannel presence. We promoted their brand and advertised information sessions on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social media channels allowed us to use a variety of digital strategies to reach their goals.

Custom landing page campaigns generate leads


The Impact

Our omnichannel approach to Monmouth’s digital marketing strategy helped the university draw more attention to its theater and graduate programs. Although a small private institution, Monmouth University was visible by many and appeared to a wide, prospective audience not only interested in their academic programs, but also in their events and activities.