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Tap into your target audience with paid ads

When you’re on the hunt for paid social media marketing, NJ agencies like Semgeeks emerge on top—we use the full spectrum of social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Spotify as more than just a place to interact with followers. In fact, we recognize that organic reach via social media is on the downturn. Instead, high-quality content creation companies like ours have started focusing on the extensive targeting tools on these platforms, allowing you to put your message in front of your desired audience—spreading it to the right people, as well as at the right time, on the right platform, and with the right messaging to ensure maximum engagement.


If you’re looking to target consumer segments across ages, locations, genders, and interests, you can’t overlook the power of Facebook’s widespread and far-reaching user groups. Their core user demographics are almost evenly distributed across age groups, with nearly three billion active users altogether. That’s plenty of people to target with each new product, service, or announcement.

Go ahead and “Boost” any post that you’ve created to reach more audiences, including customized market segments. Don’t forget to make use of Dynamic Ads, which showcase your company to like-minded and lookalike audiences.


When crafting your strategy for social media management, NJ marketing experts will readily point you toward the proliferation and potential profitability of Twitter. The younger generations—the most present on the platform—have the power to influence not only viral social media trends but also marketing and purchasing trends.

By sharing Promoted Tweets, you can show up directly on users’ timelines and profile pages. These promoted ads are budgeted based on how much engagement you’d like to receive—engagement that can quickly turn into conversions.


LinkedIn is the professional networking platform. With a built-in audience just looking for their next product, project, or partnership, the opportunities for business engagement and growth are practically endless. Working with a LinkedIn marketing agency can enhance your ROI by helping you identify the best target markets and content creation approaches, as you’ll be competing with professionals across the industry.

Some of the best LinkedIn marketing services include the platform’s B2B targeting capabilities, bringing text posts, image ads, and sponsored updates to your targeted audience. On LinkedIn, you pay by clicks or impressions—and earn conversions and sales in return.


With an almost even split between men and women and a full spectrum of age demographics, Instagram is flooded with all kinds of users every single day. As they scroll through their feeds or swipe between stories, they’ll be greeted with targeted, relevant paid social ads. Now, all you need is a PPC agency in NJ or beyond to lead the charge on your next Instagram ad campaign.

For easy access and streamlined campaigns, Instagram offers ad placements through your business’s Facebook page. You can control all of your Instagram ads through Facebook Power Editor.


27% of users find new products and brands through paid social ads, making it the 4th most popular discovery method—both on and offline

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