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Social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Spotify etc., are more than just a place to interact with your followers. In fact, organic reach via social media has been declining. To combat this, these platforms each have extensive targeting tools that allow you to put your message in front of your desired audience. However, paid social goes beyond just delivering ads. With paid social, we will deliver your ad at the right time, on the right platform, to the right people, ensuring maximum engagement.

Facebook allows you to “Boost” a post that you created to reach more audiences. They also offer Dynamic Ads, which showcase your company to like-minded and lookalike audiences.
Promoted Tweets show up on users’ timelines and profile pages. These promoted ads are budgeted based on how much engagement you would like to receive.
LinkedIn features B2B targeting to your desired demographic through text and image ads, and sponsored updates. On LinkedIn, you pay by clicks or impressions.
Businesses can utilize “promoted pins” to appear in their specific target’s home feed. You can either pay for engagement or visits to your website.
Instagram offers ad placements through your business’s Facebook page. You can control all of your Instagram ads through Facebook’s Power Editor.
With Spotify’s audio ads, you can exploit the power of audio and be with your target whenever they listen to music, on any device.
Snapchat offers a plethora of advertising space. Reach the most relevant Snapchatters by targeting your Snap Ads, Story Ads, AR Lenses, and filters.

“Think like a publisher,
not a marketer.”

David Meerman Scott, Entrepreneur
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