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Higher education marketing

Higher education institutions tend to lean toward traditional advertising, as it’s all they’ve ever known. Our innovative higher education team specializes in breaking down the thought process of potential and current students, as well as their parents. Whether you are a community college, technical school, 4-year institution, or graduate school, we can help increase enrollment rates and alumni engagement.

Program specific campaigns
Marketing for an institution isn’t limited to general enrollment campaigns comparable to top competitors. Stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique academic programs, open houses, and information sessions that will ultimately drive students to campus. Expertly targeted by region, age, and interests, we suggest the best ways to turn prospects into students.
Paid social
Social media has become a primary means for people to interact with the world. When higher education social media marketing is implemented correctly, it can hit prospective students by age, region, interests, and specific events or programs and is a sure fire way to get curious students and parents on campus to learn more.

“Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change
the world”

Nelson Mandela
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