iOS Application Development

We treat app development with the same caring process as our websites. 

Come to us with your app concept and we’ll develop and grow that idea until it becomes reality.  You’ll be with us on every step along the way :

  • Wireframing the functionality: Once our team is aligned with your concept we get right to work on the wireframe.  This ensures that no features or functionality are left out of your app and that both parties are on the same page for how the final product will turn out.
  • Designing the interface: All the functionality in the world is useless to your customers unless it comes with an intuitive and appealing interface.  This is where our expert designers really start to make your idea come to life.  They will start to develop an attractive, easy to use interface that compliments the concept and functionality and gives you your first look at your new app.
  • Developing the app:  At this stage, all of our hard work finally comes together.  Our skilled developers meld the functionality established in the wireframe with the physical design of the interface to turn your concept into a working app.
  • Testing until it is perfect: We want your app to be just as you envisioned it – and then some.  That is why we are meticulous and spend every second possible testing your app once it is developed, going through it with a fine tooth comb.  Our designers work diligently with you and the developers to ensure everything functions perfectly and as intended and matches the designs down to the last pixel.

SEMGeeks has years of experience developing apps for iOS, Android, and Windows for countless happy clients, so you can be sure your partnership with us will be nothing short of exceptional.


All of our mobile application development follows the same basic steps.  It’s the details within those steps though that make us stand out when developing for your specific platform.  When it comes to iOS, Apple is coming out with new versions every 1-2 years and our developers are constantly staying up to date so that we can guarantee your app will work on the latest versions of iOS and will look great on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

  • iOS 6:  93% adoption rate, iOS 7 should be similar (need apps to stay up to date on latest os)
  • On track to sell 700 million iOS devices by end of September
  • Almost 600 million app store user accounts

Apple’s stringent application process can also seem daunting and overwhelming at times - unless you’re with “The Geeks”.  Our knowledge and experience makes this process quick and painless.  We know what Apple looks for when approving a new app and can foresee any issues before submitting it.  This way everything is taken care of before it is submitted, so once we get to that step you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your application will be approved.