The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (UPenn GSE) came to us with several goals: to promote new academic programs, to generate interest from a wide audience of potential students, and to drive attendance at Open House events. With the digital marketing strategy we developed, we helped them reach their ultimate goal--creating educational leaders through their Ivy League graduate school programs.


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Our web design and development team worked to build out custom landing pages that included information about new academic programs, while also making it easy for potential students to submit a form to request more information. Using this strategy to garner interest from clients, we drove more than 30 leads for their Virtual Online Teaching Certificate Program (VOLT).

The solution for improving Open House attendance was targeted advertisement–we reached more than 86,000 people through Spotify ads with just two small campaigns. By advertising through a platform that is widely used by college-age customers, we were able to reach a large range of potential clients and improve on-site engagement.

Targeted advertising
makes a difference


  • Drove over 1.2 million impressions, nearly 11.5k clicks and 33 conversions for their VOLT program, which we also built out an Unbounce landing page for.
  • Drove more than 44,000 clicks and 7.5 million impressions from all Google campaigns combined--for only $0.63 a click.
  • Reached over 86K people through Spotify ads and saw increased on-site engagement of 41 seconds.

The Impact

Our digital marketing strategy helped UPenn GSE kickstart new campaigns and improved the flow of communication between the school and potential students. When they were better able to speak to the specific audiences they wanted to target, client interest increased. Plus, according to UPenn GSE, the Open House events turned out fabulously!