Gourmet Kitchen


Gourmet Kitchen is a business-to-business catering company that sells to hotels, country clubs, caterers, chefs, and more. Their dedication to taste, quality, and customer satisfaction built them a wide customer base, but their website was lacking. Without proper user experience capabilities like adding to a cart and checking out, the ordering process was dated and difficult, both for customers and the Gourmet Kitchen team. To drive sales and promote the new site, they also signed on for our email automation service.


  • Hospitality


  • Email automation
  • Creative
  • Web development


Email automation

When you’re in the food industry, holiday seasons are always busy, and we capitalized on that spike in interest with timely monthly newsletters that reflected the best of Gourmet Kitchen’s offerings. As the seasons vary, so do consumers’ tastes, so we highlighted appetizers, entrees, and desserts with seasonal flavors.Gourmet Kitchen receives a lot of their business through their newsletters to chefs, and for a notoriously busy target audience, it was crucial to find the perfect recipes that would drive engagement. CTAs and linked photos drove recipients to the new Gourmet Kitchen site, where they could place orders.


Gourmet Kitchen’s primary goal with their website was to build a site with a simple user experience that allowed their clients to easily express interest in items they would like to order. With a professional black, gold, and white color scheme, classy font choices, and useful drop-down lists, the site is as beautiful as it is functional. The design team also helped out offline as well, building the company a collection of updated print solutions for their traditional buyers that were cohesive with their new branding and easy to follow. As the company makes a lot of sales traditionally with their partners and chefs, it was important to refresh their product catalogs and flyers. We created multiple versions of their catalog for different needs and continue to update them as new products come out each year.

Web development

Our web development team created a user-friendly and functional website that allows customers to quickly and easily add items to their carts and send their interests or selections along to the Gourmet Kitchen team. On the backend, we simplified the communication process, smoothing the transition of information from customer to company and making it easier to take orders from interested users.


  • Average email open rate 20.16%
  • Average email CTR 11.11%

The Impact

Gourmet Kitchen now has a strong brand presence across all digital channels, as well as traditional media collateral to supplement their marketing efforts. Such a trusted company needed a trusted image, and that is precisely what we were able to provide for them. On the new site, the connection between customers and the company are stronger because of a simplified ordering process, and business is booming due to successful email automation campaigns. Overall, Gourmet Kitchen got a successful update that their brand needed.