Tingley Rubber


As any writer will tell you, writer’s block can be one of the biggest obstacles when creating good, shareable content. Tingley Rubber was lacking inspiration and struggling to come up with ideas because of its limited resources when it came to social media. When you’ve got a business to run, design and trade shows to attend, and sales goals to meet, social media often takes a back seat - but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your social media efforts entirely. Tingley recognized that it still needed a way to spread the word about its high-quality protective work gear, and rather than scramble to create its own content, the brand came to us for help and guidance. The central goal was to raise brand awareness and grow its following on all platforms, from Facebook to YouTube.


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Social Media

Running social media accounts is a full-time job of its own. It can be overwhelming to keep up with a growing, changing audience on all different platforms. We gladly took over Tingley’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, creating a planned-out calendar of content for each platform month by month. Photos featuring its products, matched up with entertaining copy, got fantastic engagement results across all their platforms.

When writing content, it’s important to know who you’re writing content for, so our work with Tingley started with an analysis of its audiences, breaking down the various personas it was marketing to. Tingley had countless possibilities for potential audiences, with its products being used in industries like hazmat, construction, agriculture, and more. Whether we were writing for industrial professionals or outdoors enthusiasts, the content we wrote was tailored for Tingley’s audiences. We also worked with a few influencers, letting Tingley’s high-quality, durable products speak for themselves.


The Impact

With our help, Tingley gained hundreds of followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and its engagement rates reached an all-time high for the company. Sometimes, all you need is a supportive boost from a team who can dedicate the time and effort to create content that your social media followers deserve. With our content team handling the Tingley social pages, their internal staff had more time to focus on other areas like design and trade shows, making the company the best it could be.