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Star Candle


Star Candles is a B2B candle manufacturer and distributor that recently partnered with Walmart to produce a line of “Great Value” candles. As part of this partnership, Star Candles had to produce authentic product reviews so that Walmart could gauge their candles’ quality. Semgeeks joined the team with the task of securing these organic reviews and working to boost product credibility. Our team proposed an influencer marketing campaign that put the product in the hands of credible and notable YouTube candle reviewers. We successfully secured four unbiased product reviews, which thoroughly satisfied Walmart’s executive team and, as an anticipated bonus, introduced the product to a new ready-to-buy audience.


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To kickstart our influencer campaign, we sent free Star Candles samples to several knowledgeable influencers with existing candle reviews on their channel, which enhanced the credibility of their unbiased reviews. We helped Star Candles secure four quality product reviews that they then presented to Walmart.

The influencers provided the Walmart executives—and the Star Candles team—with valuable insights into the quality of the product and perception around the brand. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, as our client achieved their goals and secured a lucrative Walmart partnership.


Our team successfully secured reviews from four notable influencers with an existing audience that matches Star Candles' target consumer base, including:

The Impact

The Semgeeks team was instrumental in securing the necessary product reviews, helping Star Candles fulfill Walmart’s request and seal the deal on their new partnership. The reviews provided valuable feedback, demonstrated product credibility, and increased interest from prospective customers.