Rutgers University - Camden


For many years, Rutgers-Camden has remained a powerhouse public research institution that combines a regional focus with a global outlook. A member of the Rutgers University community since 1950, the Rutgers-Camden campus houses 36 undergraduate majors and 29 specialty graduate programs for its population of more than 7,000 students. With over 43,000 alumni, Rutgers-Camden has paved its way as one of the top institutions for teaching, research, and civic engagement. Still, the university wanted to push its law school program even further, seeking to place the Rutgers Law School in Camden within the top performing institutions in the greater Philadelphia area.


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In addition to SEO’s site optimization, our PPC team carefully crafted the Discover Rutgers-Camden Day campaign. Significant consideration went into choosing contextual and site targeted placements for the advertisements we developed. By geotargeting specific counties in New Jersey, we were able to focus on high school students, their parents, and other young adults looking to continue their education. 

Our SEO team pieced together a comprehensive 3-month project plan for Rutgers Law School’s Camden location. The plan included full on-site optimization and content creation for 15 web pages. We kept a constant eye on the site, monitoring on-site elements and optimizations to allow for greater visibility on Google and other search engines.

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The Impact

More than a million impressions resulted from the strategic campaigns we developed, providing Rutgers Law School in Camden with a large pool of potential students to connect with. The well-worthy institution made its mark among residents in New Jersey and beyond.