The Apparel Group


The Apparel Group has a worldwide customer base, providing the fashion and apparel industry with services and solutions from transportation management to customs clearance management. The company includes high-quality, big-name brands like Foxcroft and ENRO, who design clothes that are perfect for any refined professional. With the popularity of fashion on social media (think #OOTD, influencers, etc.), it is no surprise that without a solid social media strategy, The Apparel Group found themselves falling through the digital cracks. They came to us hoping to drive more sales from their online audience.


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For fashion brands (or really any brand for that matter), timing is crucial on social media–when you post is just as important as what you post. If you post at a time when a majority of your target audience is online, it gives you an opportunity to start a live conversation with them. The social media calendar we created for The Apparel Group carefully planned out everything that would get posted throughout the month, tailoring posts to fit the varying audiences that followed the company on each platform. To go along with our calls to action, relevant hashtags, and eye-catching copy, we selected bright, clean lifestyle images that featured a mix of promotion materials, industry news, and behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Fashion made easy


The Impact

Using our plan to stay active on social media, the Apparel Group quickly and easily grew into a larger digital presence, boosted by our carefully-researched hashtags. Liking and commenting on relevant pictures also gained the company online visibility. Their social media feed looks and feels brighter and cleaner, directing customers toward their website where they can make purchases and learn more. With increased traffic on social media, both Foxcroft and ENRO saw improved business as well.