Sofdesk - Roofgraf


Sofdesk, a software company that builds products for solar and roofing industries, came to us looking to drive leads for their new Roofgraf software. They knew they needed landing pages with strong CTAs, and their priority was capturing customer emails and information. Semgeeks’ content team came to the table to help with the next steps: email drip campaigns that would keep Sofdesk on consumers’ minds and improve sales.


  • Technology/SaaS


  • Email automation
  • PPC


Email Automation
In order to capture customer information, Sofdesk needed a draw for their landing pages. We created a whitepaper, entitled “Strategies to Close More Roofing Jobs”, that would appeal to their audience of roofers and construction workers. By providing whitepapers with informative and valuable content, we were able to establish a sense of trust between Sofdesk and their customers.

Many of Sofdesk’s customers, while interested in the content of the whitepapers, worked jobs that did not leave them the time to read lengthy emails. We knew the campaigns we developed had to be short, sweet, and to-the-point. The content team wrote copy and built out templates for five different automation drip flow funnels–a different customer journey for each person, depending on where their information was collected from. We also took over Sofdesk’s MailChimp account management, sending out up to 3 newsletters each month and providing regular reports on campaign performances.

As a B2B technology solution for mainly “blue collar” companies, Semgeeks deployed a multi-channel paid search strategy to put the Roofgraf product in front of roofers so they could see the benefits of the technology. Our strategy included running keyword search campaigns on Google and Bing for roofers searching phrases related to “roof estimating software.” 

Additionally, we utilized paid social efforts on Facebook and YouTube to further educate roofers on the amount of time and money their business could save by utilizing an advanced tool like Roofgraf. 

Building automations to nurture leads to conversion


The Impact

With an organized plan and carefully structured journey for customers, Sofdesk was able to drive more leads for the Roofgraf software. A regular newsletter kept the company at the front of customers’ minds. It was a successful campaign that saved time for both the company and its customers, leaving everyone happy and satisfied.