Citadel Banking is a Pennsylvania-based, non-for-profit credit union that serves its customers through its full range of products and services. The organization pledges to assist its members in fulfilling all of their financial needs. Growing to over 170,000 customers and generating $2.1 billion in assets, Citadel has become a leading credit union with better rates, greater convenience, and honest and fair fees. Citadel was not using their online presence to their advantage. Because of this, Semgeeks looked to capitalize on it and dramatically improve their numbers.


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Semgeeks took Citadel’s minimal web presence and expanded upon it with a full pay-per-click plan. With carefully written ad copy and placement, the team worked on increasing its click through rates, while decreasing its cost per click by 10%. With a successful campaign, and the resulting massive, immediate surge online, the company was able to increase traffic to their site. In just a month, cost per click decreased and conversions skyrocketed.


The Impact

With a newly solidified online presence, Citadel Banking had more opportunities for business than ever before. As more businesses go digital, it’s important to keep up with the times, and Citadel made the right call when they came to Semgeeks for help. The numbers speak for themselves–who can argue with a 1000%+ increase in conversions? Sounds like success to us.