Rise By We - WeWork


Rise by We, created and owned by the company WeWork, is a fitness center that offers customers a supportive community and comprehensive wellness experience. They want their customers to feel good about fitness and engage in a positive, healthy lifestyle. Rise has multiple locations across the U.S. While they have multiple locations across the country, they needed help driving membership sign ups and raising awareness for the inaugural location in the Financial District of New York City.


  • Hospitality


  • Creative
  • PPC


Our design team developed and maintained the landing pages for PPC campaigns, focusing on increasing visibility and promoting membership enrollment and events. They also created animated display ads, drawing in even more customers from across the internet. 

To garner new leads for Rise, our PPC team developed several campaigns to target fitness buffs in the New York City area. The ads were activated on both Facebook and Instagram, and the budget was balanced to optimize results based on campaign performance. The campaigns were able to drive engagement, leading to dynamic landing pages and encouraged potential customers to sign up for more information. 

Optimizing campaigns to acquire strong leads


  • From April 2018 to Sept 2019, we drove 1,541 form leads through Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Instagram ads converted at 3.88% all time in that same time period.
  • Google search ads had a 3.54% CTR all time since we started managing their campaigns we drove a total of 38,250 clicks from Google ads

The Impact

Overall, our team’s efforts for WeWork successfully helped the company gain new members, increasing their enrollment. The increased brand awareness was an important, game-changing boost for the new brand and facility, who have only continued to grow since its opening.