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Faherty Brand


Faherty Brand is a premium clothing and swimwear company made for life’s greatest moments. The company was started by twin brothers, Alex and Mike Faherty, who always had a dream of designing high quality, sustainable beachwear. The company was launched in 2013, and has grown to six shops across the country, including New York, Massachusetts, and California. Increasing brand exposure and revenue to a targeted audience across the United States was the goal for the brand.


  • Ecommerce


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Creative
  • Web development


Paid search campaigns were created across Adwords, Bing, Facebook, and AdRoll to drive targeted traffic to the Faherty Brand website. Adwords and Bing were used to capitalize on the Faherty Brand name and send traffic to relevant category pages consumers were searching for. Facebook was utilized to capture new traffic by using look-alike audiences and similar demographic targeting to reach new consumers. Lastly, AdRoll was used to re-target previous visitors to the site and those who had previously made purchases.

Our team designed the website and helped to brand the company, as well build the brand from the ground up through a combination of marketing strategy and creative thought leadership.

Web development
Equipt with a robust inventory, a simple brochure site would not properly display Faherty Brand’s catalog of products. Our development team built a fully-functional ecommerce site on the Shopify platform, which not only was selected for the optimal user experience, but also provided opportunities for the business to grow. Highly visual and mobile-friendly, we created a strong customer journey leading the user to easily find whichever beach-born product their heart desired on the site.

The brand power of
marketing strategy &
thought leadership


  • 115% increase in overall revenue
  • 61% increase in clicks through to the site
  • 28% increase in pages per session across the site

The Impact

Helped to build a luxury brand that has grown from a small jersey shore company to a major disrupter and well respected brand in the fashion industry.