Taking admissions to the next level

Lurleen B Wallace Community College


Lurleen B. Wallace Community College’s (LLWCC) lack of SEO made it hard for prospective students to find the institution online. With a focus on growing enrollment exponentially, LLWCC came to us for help in amplifying their organic digital presence and reaching more potential students and their parents.


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The SEO plan we developed for LBWCC balanced both content and link building, focusing on crucial key terms that related to the courses and degree programs they were looking to promote. As an open-admission, community-based community college that is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality education, it was important to them that their ads reached a wide and diverse audience of potential students. The areas where they wanted to gain more visibility were identified and aggressively targeted, and as a result, the college found more visitors using their website and exploring their career/certificate programs.

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to success.


The Impact.

With the help of our SEO plan, this small southern college was able to increase its visibility in the digital sphere. They continue to climb the SERPs, their traffic growing steadily as they reach more and more potential students.