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NYS Collection Eyewear


With an affinity for big city living and contemporary fashion, NYS Collection Eyewear wanted to elevate their brand and position themselves as trendsetters in the social space. Blending strong brand assets with a metropolitan voice made for impactful social posts and clever web content. Our team modernized their aesthetic with a refreshed text treatment and an updated color scheme. NYS may have been operating successfully since 1996, but in 2020, we helped prove they’re more relevant than ever.


  • eCommerce


  • Creative
  • Social
  • Web development


We reinvigorated their social channel, engaging with customers in a fresh and exciting way. By leveraging strong brand assets and emphasizing witty captions that played on a “New York state of mind” theme, NYS saw a 78% increase in engagements and a 998% increase in impressions within one month.

But this isn’t solely attributable to clever social posts. Our team also incorporated seasonal giveaway campaigns that captured new customers and re-engaged existing ones. These carefully crafted Facebook and Instagram initiatives allowed NYS to target a receptive audience—one that was immediately captivated by what the brand had to offer.

Our design team rebranded NYS Collection Eyewear’s content and ethos. From there, we brought in our content/social team to help plan and execute monthly creatives, including a website overhaul, email templates, and in-store marketing collateral business cards.

To build new branding guidelines for a business that had been operating for more than two decades, we started by developing fresh assets and collateral. Our team opted for a three-prong strategy:

  1. Simplify and streamline the logo
  2. Restore brand identity and voice via new typefaces
  3. Introduce a refreshed color palette to complement updated website photography

We implemented this across several mediums, starting with the website and continuing on through content channels like print material, promos, and social posts.

Web development
For the website specifically, there were several efforts that we incorporated throughout the refresh. They include:

  • Added a mega menu
  • Restructured products
  • Created collection pages
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Pushed software updates
  • Fixed any existing bugs
  • Added affiliate and accessibility plug-ins
  • Maintained the website with the latest promo deals


  • 78% increase in engagements
  • 998% increase in impressions
  • An optimized, well-position website
  • A modern, cohesive brand refresh

The Impact

With our help, NYS was able to revitalize its image and improve its digital and social media presence. We were able to help them modernize their brand while expanding their reach across new channels. The immediate results and positive customer feedback indicated a job well done. For that, they were elated.