Expanding outreach for a liberal arts education.

Mercer University


The oldest private university in Georgia, Mercer University was looking for a modern way to engage with students. They wanted to promote their eleven graduate programs and show students what they had to offer to increase enrollment. However, their campaigns did not convert many clicks and their landing pages did not successfully capture leads. In order to make their current campaigns more effective, they needed help analyzing the data they had to report and understanding which strategies would help them with their goals.


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A targeted keyword search campaign means knowing what your audience wants and being able to provide it. We set up a keyword search campaign for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program in Mercer University’s Penfield College. It resulted in a 21.04% conversion rate and kept users on the site for nearly a minute.

The key element of our work with Mercer University was communication. From phone calls to emails, we maintained a constant line of contact with the client, giving reports and feedback to help them stay informed on our processes. We analyzed the data they gave us and organized it into reports that were easy to comprehend. With the information we learned, we developed more efficient campaigns that produced better cost and conversion numbers for Mercer.

Communication is key to success.


The Impact.

In a world where higher education is much sought-after, Mercer University increased its visibility online to potential students. Keeping their team in the loop with ours made the project easy and enjoyable.