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Brookdale Community College


The number one problem for any higher education institution, especially in this day and age, is to drive enrollment. Pushing attendance for other school-sponsored events is also valuable, as it can give potential students a taste of what Brookdale has to offer. Promoting events like theater performances could warrant a lot more exposure, and we were up to the task of exposing them to a wider audience.


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The primary service we provided for Brookdale was paid search campaigns, which have been conducive to increasing enrollment at Brookdale. We’ve also used paid search to increase awareness and attendance for other on-campus events, such as Open Houses and the 2016 Food Truck Festival. With more than 13,000 students, Brookdale needed help finding the best way to capture attention, and paid search turned out to be the best solution for garnering the attention of not only current and potential students, but community members from all over New Jersey.

Since our work started with Brookdale under a year ago, our creative team has pushed even further. Our web team lent a hand on the project, giving the college’s website a more organized feel to help potential students explore more than 100 academic programs and credit certificate options. Our strategy shifted as we introduced new ideas–targeted campaigns, YouTube ads, event-based Facebook ads, and more–all helping Brookdale reach out to students and prepare them for life post-education.

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The Impact

We’ve transformed the way that Brookdale pushes enrollment, making sure the college stands out in the vast sea of higher education opportunities. Thanks to our paid search strategies, Brookdale has seen increased attendance at on-campus events from Open Houses to sports games, and enrollment rates are only growing. The college is now home to more than 13,000 students who are pursuing their goals and preparing for the next step in their lives.