Longfield Gardens


Longfield Gardens is a premier gardening company that offers wholesale indoor and outdoor flower bulbs direct for sale online nationwide. Their brand emphasizes quality, with premium bulbs at competitive prices, making them a leader in their industry. Longfield Gardens needed to be able to adequately transition from traditional direct marketing and catalog-based purchasing to a fully integrated e-commerce site while maintaining brand integrity and providing a streamlined customer experience.


  • Ecommerce


  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social


In addition to the social media team’s Facebook promotions, the PPC division of our marketing team ran targeted pay-per-click ads to boost online sales across Google Adwords and Bing/MSN Advertising platforms. By using advanced segmentation tactics, data mining, and continuous campaign refinements, we were able to drastically increase overall sales and even reduce the company’s cost per sale. Additionally, to capitalize on Longfield Gardens’ outstanding product imagery and remain competitive in a highly visual online marketplace, Semgeeks launched Product Listing Ads, integrating the company’s product offerings with the Google and Bing/MSN shopping networks. The campaigns contributed largely to their sales in the 2014 season.

Alongside PPC and social media marketing efforts, our SEO team increased Longfield Gardens’ organic search traffic through a combined strategy of strategic link acquisition, onsite optimization, and content enrichment across multiple channels. Our full-circle strategy, which continues to grow and get redefined, helped the company become more present among search results and stay aligned with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

To improve social engagement and acquire consumer contact information for further marketing initiatives, the Semgeeks team created several custom Facebook promotions for Longfield Gardens. We offered bulb giveaways to entice relevant customers, resulting in an astounding increase in Facebook likes and thousands of new customers to add to their marketing automation campaigns. 

Sowing a full digital marketing strategy


The Impact

Content enrichment, social engagement, and advanced advertising tactics across multiple online platforms ultimately changed the game for Longfield Gardens. Their online presence was drastically boosted and they became a prevalent brand throughout all web channels. By planting the product in front of the right consumers and weeding out outdated practices, Longfield Gardens continues to stay relevant as the digital landscape evolves.