LEVO fills a very specific product niche: their specialty is tablet/laptop stands and book holders, products which provide their customers with a hands-off way to and portable way to either get some work done or relax. However, when they first came to us, they were struggling to rank high in search results, and their low rankings were holding back business. Their advertising cost of sale was also rather high, and they were seeing a low return on investment. To combat these problems, they came to us for a PPC strategy for Amazon marketing.


  • Ecommerce


  • PPC



To get started, our PPC team set up LEVO with an Amazon advertising account. The campaigns we structured were based on high-traffic, relevant keywords that would give the company more visibility on the site. We paid careful attention to each campaign, monitoring spending per keyword to ensure the lowest possible cost per click. In addition to our paid efforts, our PPC team also adjusted Amazon listing titles so that they were SEO optimized to rank higher organically.

Leveraging one of the top search engines through paid search


The Impact

With the assistance of our PPC team, LEVO was able to decrease their spending on advertising and put more money toward other endeavors to grow the company. Whether it was minimizing cost per click for their paid ads or organically boosting listings with SEO techniques, we were able to improve and optimize LEVO products’ search rankings.