Edward's Steakhouse


Edward’s is a premium steakhouse in Jersey City that offers great steak and seafood selections alongside an award-winning wine selection. The high-end restaurant already had a fabulous reputation among Jersey City residents and local steak lovers, but they wanted to share that with an even wider audience by taking their popularity into the digital sphere.


  • Hospitality


  • Email automation
  • Social


Email automation
To keep customers coming in, our content team sent out emails that highlighted deals and events, much like those we featured on social media. The emails were sent out every few weeks, so customers’ inboxes were not getting overwhelmed. Each email was finished off with a striking CTA like “Make a Reservation,” increasing conversion rates and earning more business for the restaurant.

Our primary target audience on social media was the affluent local market and the surrounding financial district of Jersey City. We promoted Edward’s lunch menu to increase lunchtime business activity, while also highlighting special events, food, and cocktails to increase the dinner and nighttime crowd. To drive more people to the restaurant, we crafted a social media calendar with more frequent posts, high-res photos, and carefully-researched hashtags. In addition, the calendar highlighted special events like Restaurant Week and celebrity visits. Additionally, we managed social interactions with customers like Facebook messages so customers’ questions were regularly getting answered. 


Filling seats with new followers


The Impact

By targeting specific audiences on social media and creating engaging email campaigns, we were able to drive more people into the restaurant during both the lunch rush and dinner rush, making more business for Edward’s all around. The increase in social media followers and improved email open rate reflected the increase in foot traffic the restaurant was getting, boosting an already well-loved restaurant to an improved popularity status in the competitive Jersey City market.