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Chef’s Vision Knives


Chef’s Vision was doing business primarily on Amazon. They did not have a lot of direct contact with customers through their website or Google. Before coming to us, the company was allocating too much of their budget to Amazon marketing, paying for ads and keywords that weren’t effective in converting sales. Their goal was to increase sales and visibility while cutting down on spending and expanding their online presence away from Amazon.


  • Ecommerce


  • PPC


In marketing, it’s important to take action and keep track of how campaigns perform to change strategies. We carefully identified which keywords were most effective and relevant to Chef’s Vision sales, allowing potential customers a vital glimpse of the company’s products so they could see themselves the care that goes into the design and manufacturing. Being more flexible with keyword targeting at different times of the year resulted in more sales, allowing Chef’s Vision to take advantage of holidays and seasons that were important to customers. When conversion rates for keywords fluctuate, we go with the flow, adjusting our strategies to maximize the success of the campaigns we develop.

Devising paid strategy that performs as well as their products


The Impact

Chef’s Vision marketing campaigns are now more streamlined and informed plans of action. Through our PPC ads, they are building a stronger and more diverse customer base. All of this has reaped positive results: Chef’s Vision is reaching more people with their website, spending less on ads, and maintaining and growing sales.