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If you’re not employing mobile applications to your advantage, your business could be missing out on an immense marketing opportunity.

The number of mobile-connected devices will surpass the world’s population in 2013 (Cisco Visual Networking Index), highlighting the opportunity to get in on the mobile game while you still can.

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James Geiger
Lead Developer
Why slow load times decrease conversions How fast is your mobile website to load? If it’s not lightning-speed fast, it’s possible that you’re frustrating visitors and decreasing conversions. Page loading time affects your bottom line. It’s a major contributing factor in page abandonment, so if...
Pete Schauer
Digital Strategy Manager
With more students interacting with colleges and universities from their mobile devices, apps are starting to make a lot more sense. The lightweight look and feel of mobile apps as opposed to traditional websites is a main factor for why they are gaining traction among college students. So is it...
Pete Schauer
Digital Strategy Manager
We have officially crossed over into 2015 territory! This means that all of the predictions that advertisers were making at the end of the year will either become a reality or a fantasy. One trend that we can all agree on is that people from all corners of the world are adopting the use of smart...