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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the quickest and most effective ways to advertise your business on the Internet. Through paid search advertising, we aggressively target potential consumers that are searching and browsing the web. SEMGeeks specializes in understanding your business goals to ensure that we are reaching your specific consumer audience. Learn more about our unique process:

Crush the Competition:
Benchmarking Analysis

Prior to campaign implementation, our PPC consultants analyze competitors’ ad spend, keywords, landing pages, and ad copies to understand the competitive landscape and best practices within a specific industry.

We do our research to ensure that your bids are competitive and your ads are effective.

Master the Market:
Market Analysis

Our team gathers information on competitiveness, search volume, and approximate cost-per-click (CPC) of keyword terms and websites specific to your company’s product or service offerings.

Through our research, we select “buying terms” and relevant site placements to reach qualified consumers that are ready to take action. We use this data to build campaigns that are segmented for precise geographical territories, times of day, and device preferences to hit your exact target market.

Lure in Leads with Landing Pages
Landing Page Analysis

Your ad campaigns will bring searchers to your website, but your landing page is what transforms site traffic into conversions.

Our analysis of landing pages ensures that a searcher is being brought to a page that is both engaging and entices them to take action- whether it be making a purchase or filling out a contact form for lead generation.

Analyze to Optimize:
Analytics Tracking

If you don’t already have it in place, Google Analytics is a necessity for your digital marketing campaign.

Our PPC team will put a tracking code on your site, which enables us to monitor performance metrics such as searchers’ average visit duration, % of new visitors to your site, and bounce rates. We will then implement goals and track conversions for greater ROI.

We only make decisions based on data! By conducting a thorough analysis, we are able to better understand your company objectives in order to create effective campaigns that bring a positive ROI.

Turn clicks into customers

Let our marketing teams do their magic.

SEMGeeks Pay Per Click Knowledge Center

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