B2B companies tend to avoid overgeneralized marketing approaches. However, constantly customizing marketing tools to suit each prospective client’s needs can prove to be quite time-consuming and costly. This is where LinkedIn comes in. It is an important social network platform that helps you easily connect with business buyers and industry professionals. This is what makes LinkedIn a valuable resource for B2B companies.

The growing use of this platform as a B2B marketing tool has several important factors behind it:

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Capability

LinkedIn B2B Marking had an audience reach of 170 million users in the United States in 2021, according to the data published by Statista. If you narrow down potential connections based on their title, location, and industry, you can generate not only leads but leads that are of high quality. It even allows you to locate small business owners in a specific region and lets you know who is viewing your profile. This way you can easily identify and target your desired audience. 

  • Drive More B2B Marketing Traffic

Apart from generating leads through LinkedIn, you can also use this platform to drive traffic to your business website. You can do so by strategically linking your website to related content at the bottom of your posts. However, with B2B websites, you should choose a clean and straightforward design, without unnecessary frills or decorative elements to create feelings of credibility and trust among customers, says an article by Semgeeks Digital Agency

  • Create Brand Awareness

All social media platforms allow you to connect with people from all over the world. However, most people on your personal social media accounts may not fall into your target market. LinkedIn, on the other hand, was designed specifically for business professionals. This platform encourages you to connect with other business professionals and share your business information in the form of posts, articles, or links. 

Almost 66% of the marketing touch-points are based outside the brand communications, through word of mouth, social media, and customer-driven content, according to a study by McKinsey & Co. So, LinkedIn offers you a big opportunity to build brand awareness in your online market. You can also stay active in relevant groups or create your own business group to engage the desired audience. 

  • Tap into the Genius of Thought Leaders

LinkedIn’s recent feature allows you to identify and learn from top influencers in specific industries. You can share their posts and articles in your groups and LinkedIn updates. It will help you build a reputation by association and capturing those influencers’ attention. You can also leave useful and valuable comments on their content to drive exposure and even traffic to your business. Additionally, you can review an influencer’s most popular content and use relevant topics as inspiration for your own content. It will help you gain the trust of newer connections on the platform.

  • Build Your LinkedIn Community

You can build your business page on LinkedIn where you can share specific details about your business. It will allow your current employees to list you as their employer. You can then use this business page to recruit quality employees and to increase brand awareness with potential B2B customers.

If you already have a presence on LinkedIn, you need to test some of the above strategies. It will help you find out what works best for generating leads and engagement with prospects. Once you see the results, you will realize why LinkedIn has become an essential B2B marketing tool.