The home and garden eCommerce market is booming. It’s projected to grow by $101.7 billion over the next four years at a CAGR of almost 9%. Today, social media is one of the most fertile channels Home & Garden B2C businesses can utilize to increase their visibility and gather more leads. 

Knowing this, what social media marketing strategies can you use to build your lead lists? 

Let’s start planting the seeds of growth.  

#1 Facebook Promotions 

Facebook lead ads help you gather contacts—all the while making it simpler for Facebook users to provide their information. 

To get started, select the Get More Leads promotion. This lets you create an ad tailored to your Home & Garden business that will request a user’s contact details in exchange for information about newsletters, pricing details, discounts, promotional events, and more.

Benefits of this type of lead campaign include:

  • Connecting with ready-to-buy customers
  • The ability to have the contact forms in the ad
  • Customizability when it comes to form questions
  • Easy downloading of leads and signups
  • Forms are already pre-populated for users according to information they have already shared, making it a painless process 

#2 Enlist the Services of Influencers

Another way to increase your lead generation is by leaning on influencers within the Home & Garden space that are on Instagram and YouTube. 

You can hire influencers to promote your products and thus gain visibility. Or, if your budget is limited, you could send free samples to micro-influencers or relevant customers so that they can review the product. The second option is a cheap way to increase the brand’s credibility and visibility with an audience that is already interested in the products you sell. 

#3 Leverage All of Your Social Media Channels 

Generally speaking, it’s important to have a social media strategy that involves consistent brand presence and messaging across all of your channels, including: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Every one of these channels has a different average user demographic and persona. This makes it possible to create and release an assortment of unique content that’s tailored to generate leads for that specific medium.  

#4 Gated Promotional Content 

Do you exist within a space that allows for DIY? 

If so, you can share your expertise with current and would-be customers about topics of interest. For instance, if you sell gardening products, you may create content that provides tips and teaches customers how to plant and tend their garden.  

The content can then be gated, where users have to sign up and share their information before they can watch the video or read the newsletter. 

Finally, you can promote this content using your various social media channels.  

#5 Referral Campaigns 

One of the more effective lead generation tools for the home & garden industry are referral campaigns. 

How they work is simple. You incentivize the customer to refer their friends or family to either sign up for a form or make a purchase. In exchange, they receive a deal, freebie, or discount. 

From there, you can promote your referral campaign using stories, tweets, or status updates.  

Generate More Leads with Semgeeks

Lead generation on social media takes concerted time and effort. You need to remember to leverage every channel at your disposal. 

Do you need help with that? 

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